Tis the season to be jolly, so that means just one thing in theatres everywhere - pantomime!

Panto not being big in the US (though stars such as Henry Winkler and Paul Michael Glaser are coming over here to take part), it's unlikely we'll ever see a superhero panto.

Which is a shame - it could be a hoot. Take a Legion of Superheroes panto, for instance. They have the characters to match the archetypes of villain, dame, principal boy and comedy stooge. I think I’d go for Aladdin, with Brainiac 5 as the manipulative Abanazer; Princess Projectra (post Val’s death) as Widow Twankee; Shvaughn Erin (post-Pro-Fem) as Aladdin; and the utterly useless Lightning Lad as Wishee Washee. The rest of the Legion can play the 40 Thieves – er, do they have the 40 Thieves in Aladdin?