The Brave and the Bold 13

I enjoyed the longform plotline of the first year, but boy, it's great to have a done-in-one, and a team-up we've never seen - Batman and the original Flash. Story and art are by Mark Waid and Jerry Ordway, and it's a masterclass in how to tell an engaging, attractive story in a single issue.

We open on action, with Jay Garrick showing up in Gotham to aid Batman against a killer android. Turns out said android has killed an old colleague of Jay's while furthering a scheme by Penguin and TO Morrow. Said baddies send improved androids, dressed up as samurais, to take down the in-their-way Bruce Wayne; Bruce and Jay have a great talk about their mentoring of younger heroes; and loads more.

Samurais? Yeah, I think, so that we can have a homage to a great cover from the Sixties (mind, it wasn't a great story, Reader-San.

This is a fun ride start to finish. It gives us action, it gives us characterisation, it's fun - and so what if it's not changing the DCU forever? It's one of the best reads this month.


  1. WHAT an awesome comic! This one just had it all, didn't it?


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