In which the Legion get new costumes and actually don them, despite having no idea who put the order in for them. I'm guessing Kid Calculus, or whatever we're meant to call that Morr'ssey reject. Other than Star Boy's, I'm not actually keen on them - Saturn Girl's Binary look, in particular, is an ambomination, and Colossal Boy's tyre tracks are ridicalicalicalus. Oh, and if they want to evoke Chameleon Boy's original look, give him his original costume, not this duvet tweak (mind, is this the first appearance of his antennae in the current continuity?).

That's not to take away from a cracking issue, though - how can anyone not like Saturn Girl when she's so incredibly competent. I can't remember ever seeing a Legionnaire with such a grasp of strategy, though Gim came close with his masterclass in Napoleonic tactics. And other members had their moment in the sun - Cham was a brave soul, and quite charming, while Lightning Lad's annoying Brainy with his light ring posing was a hoot.

We're still no nearer solving the mystery of the attacking aliens, but I don't much care, I'm having far too much fun watching the Legionnaires live, love and fight. Even when they're in nasty new costumes.

I should mention the art, though; I'm getting used to Francis Manapul and John Livesay's take on the team. It's not perfect (there really should have been a decent establishing shot of the monsters on page 4, for example) but they tell the story nicely and complement Jim Shooter's script. I really hope that he isn't leaving soon, as internet rumour suggests.