Pl'se st'p it!

Koriand'r of Tamaran, M'rissey of the Legion, D'spayre of, er, Hell, would you like to borrow a vowel? Really, I have a plenty to spare. Then you wouldn't be so iritating with your cutesey little apostrophes. I mean, why do we need apostrophes replacing missing vowels when the name is an English version of an other-worldly/dimensional name? We can see what the sound's supposed to be, so be consistent and use the English alphabet.

We don't. So stop it. Here, I give you two Es and one O to go. Use them wisely.


  1. So true. If you want to be really edgy, why not use a "schwa" symbol of an upside-down lower-case e, instead of an apostrophe!?


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