Justice League: Cry For Justice #5 review

And here's another issue of the best superhero comedy around. As ever, there's lots of banter between the heroes with barely a villain in sight. Batwoman shows up on screen to let the established heroes know how cool she is, husband and wife Green Arrow and Black Canary (soon to be spun off into cafe-set sitcom Ollie's Dinah) bicker at the fact he's not phoned her for weeks, and Supergirl realises she's in a comic book (click on image to enlarge). Nooooo, not weaponry and science! Whoda thunk it?

With two more issues to go it's likely writer James Robinson and Mauro Cascioli will have to tie up the maguffin that has rent the Justice League asunder-ish, we may even see a battle with Prometheus, but don't let that ruin the fun for you. Mind, the fact that the cover illo and blurb have zilch to do with the interiors show they're winking (I think I got the right vowels there) at the reader. And the expository dialogue and regular close-ups of Supergirl's bum alone are worth the price of admission . . . your sanity.


  1. Thanks for mentioning the completely irrelevant cover image (heck, Jay doesn't even run in this issue!).

    I'm still trying to figure out who was where in the last 10 pages of the book. Everyone thinks Freddy did it, but if so, the artist royally screwed up by showing him back in the main room AFTER Kara had wandered off (and before Congorilla gets attacked). Worse, the artist frames the scene between Congo, Supergirl and Roy so that it looks as though Kara is attacking Congo with her heat vision (and his yell is thus not a summons, but a cry of pain).

    I doubt that Freddy could have run off and returned without any of the 25 greatest heroes int he world noticing. And it's odd that Kara didn't pick up on any yelling or fighting while Roy was gone. Kara could very well be the attacker here.

    But my money's on Hawkman. Did you notice how he vanishes after Kendra gives Roy her regards????

    As much as this artist gets praised for the beauty of his images, his framing and plotting have added unnecessary confusion to the ending of this issue.

  2. ("Winking/vowels"-- another fine one there. I think I miss the requisite pun in some posts, but I'm always looking for one.)

    So that's Freddy on the cover all grown up in Billy's colors now? Not to mention Jackson Bostwick's haircut from the first season of the Shazam TV show of decades ago?

  3. This was pretty special, wasn't it? But I'll tell you what, this may all be worth it if we're rid of Red Arrow when this series is done.

  4. I've never seen the old Shazam show, BL, but from pics I've seen I'd say you're right about the hair.

    Timbotron, Roy could get a mechanical arm and share it with Cyborg - it's about time the under-represented conjoined twin community got some love.

  5. Browsed through this in the comic store as usual - couldn't bring myself to waste money on this.

    I'm really not happy with what they did to Roy - here's hoping it's some kind of illusion or whatever. There's just enough blood (no pun intended) shock mutilations/deaths/dismemberments/what-have-you in the DCU it's annoying. The fact that Taz got unceremoniously killed off-panel in this series hasn't endeared me to DC, and now this. I mean, really, enough.

    - Allan/Barrault

  6. I do not know about the script but the art is fantastic Mauro Cascioli'll await the arrival here in Brazil

  7. Hi Paulo, Mauro does have a lot of talent, I wonder where we'll see him next.

    And thank you for the Follow!


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