The Brave and the Bold #30 review

Years ago, after the Justice League fought the Gray Man, Kent Nelson sent an aspect of his self into Hal Jordan's ring to gather news of the future, before returning moments later. Like a convenient genie, he pops out when Hal needs him most, offering to make a sacrifice . . .

The Golden Age Dr Fate and Silver Age Green Lantern team up in a villain-free issue that cleverly contrasts their particular perspectives - destiny vs free will. It's smart stuff from writer J Michael Straczynski, elegantly illustrated by Jesus Saiz, and while talky, is never boring. I find it terribly refreshing to see Hal soaring through space not surrounded by 7199 other GLs, and Kent Nelson is my Dr Fate, so he's always a welcome presence - we even get to see his wife Inza, in a searingly sad flashback.

Placing the cherries on top of this particular cake are letterer Rob Leigh and colourist Brian Miller, and Saiz's cover is a stonker, with a splendidly Gil Kane Hal primed for action.

I'm enjoying the new B&B brief - 'Lost stories of yesterday, today and tomorrow' - hugely, as Straczynski and Saiz get to hurdle complicated continuities to simply shed light on characters in single-issue slices. So of course, sales aren't great. If you've not tried the most recent issues, and are in the mood for a palate cleanser, risk $2.99. I bet you'll be glad you did.


  1. This bored me to death (obviously, not literally.)

    It's just a load of chatting about fate versus free will. Snore.

    I was somewhat baffled that he'd dug up the prehistoric JLI 7 though.


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