Tiny Titans #35 tiny review

If there's one thing I can't resist, it's a parallel Earths cover. Look at those cute Tiny Titans, and their opposites from another world. But are they good or evil, that's the question.

That's the question which shouldn't detain you for a minute - all the kids who show up this issue are thoroughly good humoured, though there is one ongoing argument. To wit: 

Fair questions, and ones which intrigue a decidedly cute Anti-Monitor when he overhears the conversation while wandering past the Batcave. As for what happens next, check out the comic. It's a delightfully amusing, breezy all-ages read from Art Baltazar and Franco. I've been a little cool after previous dips into the world of Tiny Titans, but with this issue, something has clicked. 

Aw yeah!


  1. Tiny Titans is absolutely fab - aw yeah!

  2. Hmm, anyone for a Geriatric Titans? Deathstroke on aw alking frame would be a hoot.


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