Guest post - Legion of Super-Heroes Fandom UK

Are you…
  •  A Legion of Super-Heroes fan?
  •  Interested in participating in fandom, but perhaps not attracted by (or are disenchanted with) online boards and groups about the Legion?
  • Based in the UK or Europe?
  • Aged 18 or over? 
If so, you might enjoy Apa 247  a gentler, friendlier fandom.

Apa 247 is a fun, friendly UK-based group that produces an apa (amateur press alliance) devoted to the Legion, every two months, and has been doing so since late 1989. The above image is the cover of a recent number of Apa 247 by member Colin Fawcett.

The best way to understand an apa is to see one – and explanations can be tedious if it's an unfamiliar concept. So, if you can tick all four bullets above, and are sufficiently intrigued, contact me, Rob Rundle, the apa’s Central Mailer (leader), via Mart's email - the link's on the right, just above the blog's fabulous followers - and ask for a free sample of Apa 247, giving your name and postal address.

You’ll then get an email from Rob with a bit more info, and he'll post you a free sample of the apa (subject to availability), so you can see what it’s all about. No obligation.

Based in the USA or Canada? There are no fewer than three Legion apas in North America – I recommend hunting them down. They’re called, respectively, Interlac, Klordny and Apa-LSH.


  1. Well done! I kept meaning to advertise the APA on Gorilla Daze, but never got around to it.

  2. You're welcome ... I'm sure Apa-247 would be collectively delighted were you to adapt the entry and post away! Maybe a quick email to Rob?

    Do you think anyone will bite if we mention that we're members?

  3. Martin, i cant seem to use the e-mail to contact Rob Rundle. Can you contact him on my behalf, please? I will send you my e-mail address. Thanks

  4. That's perfect Karl, I'll pass on your details, no bother.

  5. Karl, did you change your mind? That's perfectly OK, obviously!

  6. Martin
    no, I havent changed my mind, I just havent heard anything back from Rob or yourself. I was just waiting for either of you to get back in touch. Id really like to get back into Legion fandom again;being away from it too long!
    Could you ask Rob if hed contact me via e-mail, thanks again.

  7. Aaah, I wondered if you were waiting to hear ... thing is, I've not seen an email from you with your details. Did you send something to my gmail, the address of which us at the 'Contact me' link at the right of the page?

  8. Hi, Martin (and Rob),
    Jim Bierbaum here. Was searching the Net for references to Legion APAs, and found this. Thanks for the mention of Interlac. Chris Companik's Interlac web site includes a nifty explanation of APAs, so the curious can go to Ron Coyne and I took over as CMs of 'Lac in April after several years of service by Chris Brown, during which, despite all his efforts at cajoling, encouraging, nagging and exhorting, the APA had fallen into a funk and looked in danger of folding. As the Luck Lords would have it, Interlac's brush with eternity seems to have spurred a wave of renewed activity, and our roster, page-counts and interest have rebounded for the past two mailings and give all appearances of continuing in that direction for the present. Hope all is well with the UK APA scene (we still get occasional updates from members Hass Yusuf and Will Morgan). Cheers.

  9. Thank you very much Jim, great to have you here. The apa folk are very well, ta!


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