Tiny Titans #39 review

'I like pink very much, Lois' states the cover of this issue, proving that someone at DC remembers a line from the Superman movies beyond 'Kneel before Zod'.

I like this issue very much. A washday accident at Wayne Manor - Supergirl puts a batch of S-capes in with the Batman Family's more dour laundry - unleashes a plethora of pink pants. The likes of Batgirl and Supergirl are thrilled, Robin and Superman less so.

Who knew that so many great gags could centre on the girliest of colours, but this issue of Tiny Titans gave me the most smiles of any comic in ages. Take baby Damian and 'Miss Cassandra', for example (click to enlarge):

There's also a riff on the Smallville blur, Robin being taken to the most terrifying spot on Earth and Superman looking like a lumberjack (and he's OK). As for that famous line from Superman: The Movie, it does come into the book, but I'll let you find out just how for yourself.

It's safe to say that if you put your cash down for this issue, you won't regret it. Creative geniuses Art Baltazar and Franco have perfected the art of kid-based superhero satire in one of the most consistent comics around.


  1. Tiny Titans is a delight whenever I pick one up.

    Though for the life of me, I can't quite get the point of the page you posted.

  2. I found the super-creepy baby Cassandra, hiding in the laundry basket, very funny

  3. This is in my queue too!

    Love the 'pink aisle in the toy store!' bit.

  4. Ah, I didn't interpret it as her hiding in the basket -- I thought she just walked on like the rest, and communicated (something) silently -- and couldn't pick up what she was trying to say.

    But this issue looks like a lot of fun.. I should pick it up!

  5. Anj, pink - brrrrr, reminds me of the years I spent working with My Little Pony.

    Hope you enjoy the book, Rob!

  6. Awesome review^^
    Tiny Titans is such an amazing book!

    This issue on such a simple premise had lots of great laughs and references/jokes for fans :D

  7. Just a quick hi to Eyz for a kind comment that doesn't appear here due to the Blogger meltdown last week - I'm not snubbing you, honest!


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