OMAC #1 review

The workers at Cadmus Industries are having a bad day. When they should be breaking down stem cells and drinking skinny lattes, they're having to flee from a tank of a man who's tearing up the research facility in search of one thing - the mainframe.

And the Cadmus Mainframe doesn't just contain commercially sensitive information, it's full of data related to the true Cadmus Project, hidden a mile beneath the public facility. That's where the hulking brute who calls himself OMAC heads, to be confronted by telepathic alien Dubbilex and his corps of guards.

Meanwhile, Cadmus employees Jody Robbins and Tony Jay wonder where the former's boyfriend, Kevin Kho, is. He only went to the bathroom ...

God bless Dan DiDio. DC's co-publisher reshapes the line and gives himself one of the choice slots. To say I never enjoyed the Outsiders issues written by him is an understatement.

But this has Keith Giffen doing The Full Kirby. I just can't resist such massive, mad stylings. Just look at the Kirby Krackle on that cover. There's more inside. Page after page of eye-poppingly powerful pencils from Giffen, with spiffy inks from Scott Koblish, dreamy colours from Hi-Fi and funtastic fonts from Travis Lanham (click on image to enlarge).
And wouldn't you know it, Dan DiDio's script is dandy too. Sure, there's the odd moment of over-description, but I expect that's Kirby homage rather than ineptness. Because DiDio seems to have grown since I gave up on Outsiders, way back when. He shows a deft touch here, with his Regular Folk dialogue witty, yet true. He also proves a dab hand at handling Kirby's original characters, piling on the lunatic concepts with aplomb. While this OMAC isn't Buddy Blank of the King's shortlived Seventies series, DiDio does give us Kirby Kreations (it's so tough to stop this kind of thing, sorry!) Mokkari and a Build-a-Friend.  And new OMAC Kevin has potential, as the egghead somehow in thrall to an alien mind.

The credits aren't explicit, but I believe DiDio and Giffen are plotting this together, so let's give them both applause for the clever title, Office Management Amidst Chaos. And for creating the most surprising of the New 52 comics I've read so far. What can I say but, Our Mart's A Convert.


  1. Well it sure looks good, I just wonder whether there's anything substantial enough to bother with. What would you say?

  2. I just said! :)

    Substantial fun, I'd say.

  3. Agree with everything you say about this book...Dildo's writing has always left me distinctly unimpressed so the only thing drawing me to OMAC is the blithingly wonderful Keith Giffen, who grand artwork brought the LSH to life for me back in the 80s. I adore his Kirby homages, just quite simply ADORE how he apes Kirby. I could look at his work all day.
    This could be one to watch.

  4. it was a fun book i was really surprised by this book

  5. This was a blast -- I really dug it, too! (And like you, I loved the title!)

  6. OMAC is my favorite New52 book so far. I love love love Kirby style and OMAC was such a wild creation, its good to see it back.

  7. Dang. You've sold me. I'll pick it up next week.

  8. Thanks for reviewing this, Martin. I think I'll get it digitally in a month when it is a $1 off.

  9. If I was reading/buying any of the New 52, then this'd be the one. Only I'm not. If it shapes up well to the end, then I'll stump up for the trade.

  10. I'd say this is the most Kirbyesque Keith Giffen since his Defenders work back in the Seventies, Karl. With the exception of the office workers, it's pretty much all homage - I just love that panicky woman on page 2. .

    Glad you liked the book too, GL206, reading around the net, quite a few of us were pleasantly surprised.

    I wonder if acronymic titles will be a regular thing, Rob ... OMAC isn't the easiest set of initials with which to work.

    Anon, amen.

    I hope you do enjoy the book, Timbotron - I'll keep an eye on Comic Per Day Reviews.

    I do like the digital pricing, Dom, I can see myself moving over with a fair few books. Just think, after this first month's wait to get the ball rolling, it'll be a new issue every four weeks, just a slightly older new issue ...

    Here's hoping the starting standard sticks, Allan.

  11. I agree with every word here. I (surprisingly) loved this book.

    My only reservation is that they will never find anybody able to continue the series if Giffen ever leaves it.

  12. I'll phone Walt Simonson! I see he's already involved with the relaunched DC, coming in to do a LSH fill-in, with #5.


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