Tiny Titans #46 review

The Protector may be the cover star this time, but he's not the most interesting thing about this issue. That can be found inside the comic - the mysterious lady in the purple robes ...
Yup, the enigmatic entity who helped the Flash tweak the DC Universe in Flashpoint #5 shows up here. Sort of. For older fans, it's a cute nod to the universe-shaking shenanigans of the last few months. For young kids, it's simply the Tiny Titans wondering who 'the lady in purple' is. They also get possibly their first lesson in the joys of comics confusion as Cyborg explains a rather big concept ...
Easy peasy!

But that's not my favourite panel this issue. That would be the moment Talon (evil Robin from a parallel world) enlists help to spoil the fun of the Protector (Robin substitute from a Teen Titans anti-drugs campaign).
Writer-artist Art Baltazar and co-writer Franco deliver another fun dollop of Titans for the titchies, full of sweet, jellybean-jewelled drawings and amusing banter. It's good-natured comics guaranteed to lift the spirits ... and it reveals just who the Purple Lady is. But I'm not telling!

And finally, the cover is signed 'after Jim Starlin' by Baltazar. I really should be able to recall what's being homaged, but I can't. Anyone?


  1. After seeing the previews, I put Tiny Titans back on my pull list. I'm convinced that they fill their stories with hints about what is going to happen in the DCU or DCnU. And on top of that, it's so great to read the one comic where the Titans are treated decently. Amazing, but that is the way comicdom is these days.

  2. Loving the Ambush Bug appearance! If anyone should appear in a panel about continuity it should be him!

    Don't recognise the Starlin cover homage, though.

  3. I love that theory, ToB, it'd be a hoot.

    Hi Gary - spotted by my chum Bill, confirmed by Franco, it's JLA #179. As homages go, it's more thematic than direct.

  4. It's a mirror-image of the cover where Firestorm joins the JLA ,isn't it? One of my favourite covers (The Satin Satan's disco of demonsinside was, er, less stellar).

  5. Ah, right, got it!

    And Dougie, if you didn't know (and if Martin will allow me a little self-publicising) I did a post on this issue ages ago!

  6. You know a comics grand even just one panel makes your day! We need more comics like this!

  7. Spot-on, Dougie. That was one of my favourite JLA periods.

    Your links are always welcome, Gary!

    Any particular characters you'd like to see Johnny DC-ed, Dan?


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