Arak, Son of Tom

Hanging around Twitter this week, I was intrigued to see comic artist Tom Raney ask if anyone had any ideas for a character he could sketch for fun. I suggested an old favourite of mine who's not appeared in DC Comics, if memory serves, since the Crisis on Infinite Earths in the Eighties - Arak, Son of Thunder. I was also keen to see how Tom, whom I know from such superhero work as Avengers Academy, would handle a sword and sorcery character.

Rather brilliantly, as it turns out. Thank you Mr Raney! Anyone want to join me in suggesting a DC New 52 Arak comeback?

See more of Tom's personal art at Deviant Art.


  1. I believe Arak showed up briefly in a flashback sequence in Young All-Stars post-COIE. One of the main characters, Flying Fox, was a descendant of Arak if I remember correctly.

  2. Oh, good stuff, thanks - I knew about the Flying Fox connection but never knew Arak was seen ... I never tried Young All-Stars beyond #1

  3. That is sharp. I only came to DC after Infinite Crisis, so I'd never heard of Arak. I will say this: if Raney were to ever draw a book with this guy, I'd certainly check it out.

  4. If you ever see old Araks in the back issue boxes going cheap, Passage, risk an issue or two. They're good stuff.


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