Batman: The Brave and the Bold #14 review

It should be Happy Holidays, but Ragman's not in a festive mood. The residents of his rundown Gotham neighbourhood are feeling the squeeze from a property developer, and crime is on the increase. Happily, a visit from Batman equals improvement after tatterdemalion, caped crusader and embattled citizens stand side by side for justice. Along the way we hear the tale of Chanukah, and the story ends with Ragman finding new hope.

The story begins with a mini team-up between Batman and Blue Beetle against colour criminals Crazy Quilt, Dr Spectro and the Rainbow Raider. 'Surrender to our demands or Gotham will never see another White Christmas,' they threaten. But Batman's not having tinted snow in his town. Especially yellow.

So that's Chanukah and Christmas efficiently covered by writer Sholly Fisch in a typically smilesome script. I especially like the name he's come up with for the troublesome property developers - the Macguffin Group. It's always fun to see Ragman, the only supernatural hero who really fits into Gotham, complete with a short origin recap. And I'm all for a bit of religion and sentiment at Christmas. There's even an editor's note from good old Johnny DC!
Rick Burchett and Dan Davis supply the usual friendly art job, popping with energetic panels and people - everyone has their own look, from tall and skinny Rory (Ragman) Reagan to titchy Rabbi Samuels (click to enlarge). And it's all coloured and lettered with seasonal jollity by Guy Major and Dezi Sienty respectively.

Buy a copy of this for yourself, as a seasonal palate cleanser. Then if you can stretch to it, buy a second for a friend, as a gift. Happy Holidays!


  1. i suspect this issue is not gonna be a big seller in places like saudi arabia, egypt or turkey :)
    Martin, thanks for the heads up on that Avengers Academy issue i owe you a drink but i don't know if i can make good on that seeing as you're across the Atlantic ocean. how did you find out about that Hybrid appearance?

  2. Come across sometime and I'll buy YOU a drink.

    How did I find out about Hybrid? I buy Avengers Academy each issue - great book.

  3. I like the video, David. Just to let you know, I'm removing your last comment ... nothing personal, but it's not quite right for an all-ages post!

  4. gosh i can't even remember what that comment was but i'm sorry if it wasn't appropriate for your blog. here's another video i did just last that's in keeping with the spirit of this posting. it's a tribute to Jewish Superheroes. there's some Chanukah stuff in it:

  5. It was something to do with ladies you've known ...

    Anyhow, thank you for the link, I shall have a peek!

  6. oh yeah it was in reference to that Avengers Academy issue. my bad i'll know better next time.


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