Have a very super Christmas ...

... or perhaps that should be a Wonder, Green or Flashtastic Christmas? Whatever the case, hello to anyone passing by - I hope you're having the best of days, whether with family or friends, or in solo mode. Thank you so much for visiting this blog, it's a bit of fun for me and I always appreciate any comments. I've been a bit rubbish at getting reviews up this week, what with festive travel and so on, but expect normal service to be resumed soon.

For now, though, may your snow never be blue (full marks to anyone who gets that reference to one of our cover stars' enemies).

The image from Comic Cavalcade #13, Winter 1946, is borrowed with permission from Tim Hanley's enviably good Wonder Woman blog, Straitened Circumstances. It's well worth a regular visit!


  1. Is it my imagination, or does that trio of super-heroes look remarkably half-cut? Wonder Woman herself looks distinctly tired and emotional.

    Merry Christmas, Martin, to you and yours :)

  2. I think you're right, Colin - they're poking through windows, looking for more sherry.


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