Superman Family Adventures #1 review

It's just another day in Metropolis. Superman saves the city from a giant meteor; Lex Luthor plots to steal Superman's powers via robotic invasion; Supergirl, Superboy and Krypto fight the good fight; Perry White screams at Jimmy Olsen for coffee ...

While Superman is wearing his new suit (it's admired by Dan DiDio), the all-ages story here isn't totally 2012, with the pre-New 52 Conner Kent the featured Superboy, Supergirl the modestly garbed Teen Titans version, Lex in Bronze Age mode and Perry White played by Ed Asner.

And, from the dawn of the Silver Age, welcome back Fuzzy the Krypto Mouse!

It all makes for a spiffy debut for Tiny Titans creators Art Baltazar and Franco's latest project. The chaps' script hangs together nicely, while Franco's full-colour artwork is deceptively simplistic and all-out charming.

The gags don't come as thick and fast as might be expected, but it's worth bearing in mind that Tiny Titans took awhile to find its form. This book is certainly worth $2.99, with it's done-in-one fun story and feature pages. I can see young kids loving this as a First Superman Reader, and older kids lapping up the light-hearted, nostalgic nonsense of it all.

The big question for me is, what will the Superman Family's equivalent of the Tiny Titans' Aw Yeah! rallying cry be? So long as it isn't the 'chillax' that comes out of Krypto's mutt mouth, I don't mind ...


  1. Krypto saying "Chillax" was actually one of the high points for me. Although the real star was Fuzzy! Thanks for pointing out the Earth-1 Fuzzy, Mart, or else I'd have never known!

    1. I came across Fuzzy in a reprint in Adventure Comics #318 when I was a kid - and no, I didn't buy it at the time of publication!

  2. One Word!


    1. Possibly a bit tough to squeeze into a word balloon, Baron ...


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