Superman Family Adventures #3 review

While this week's Superman promises secrets of the new super-suit and fails to deliver, Superman Family Adventures promises no such thing, but tells us a secret anyway: why the new suit was necessary.

OK, the reason is never going to be canon, but I laughed. I laughed a lot this issue, as the book really begins to find its feet. In one story, Jimmy Olsen tries to impress pals with his Superman signal watch, with chucklesome results. Then there's Supergirl and Superboy out to help Clark allay Lois Lane's suspicions that he's Superrman. And Fuzzy the Krypto Mouse gets some training. There isn't a page that's not adorable, but highlights include another spin on the meteor gag of the first two issues, Metropolis' very descriptive citizenry ...
... and a certain line from Superman: the Movie instigating Clark's secret identity crisis - think pink!

With big-hearted story and art by Art Baltazar and Franco, it's 20 pages of fun that readers of all ages - especially Silver Agers - can enjoy. I adored the Super-Pets appearance this time, and hope someone in DC marketing dusts off the old plush licenses ... kids would love a cuddly super dog, cat, horse, monkey and, if we're very good, a Fuzzy mouse.


  1. This title looks a little too "kiddy" for me but I hope it succeeds. The big two need to put out comics kids can read. Ideally they would be things like the (sadly) recently cancelled Batman Brave and the Bold or Young Justice, where the adult parents can enjoy them too (Super Dinosaur by Kirkman is another one of these, but from Image).

    1. How the heck can Mr Whiskas resist a comic starring the industry's premier super-cat?


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