Educating Kara - Bring on Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the 9th Grade

Kara Zor-El enjoyed one of her best runs in comics in 2009's all-ages title Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the 8th Grade. Landry Q Walker and Eric Jones reinvented the Girl of Steel for today, as a spunky youngster dealing with all the typical school problems - fadeaway super-powers, evil best friends, that sort of thing. As a Brit, I barely know what the 8th Grade is, but as a comic reader I loved this six-part series, which got better and better after a more than decent first issue.

But it's been almost four years years and still DC Comics haven't seen fit to allow Kara to continue her education. Walker and Jones have a multi-year series of mini-series planned out, taking Kara right through grade school and into high school. If those stories are as good as the original mini, readers are in for a treat. I certainly want to see, for starters, Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the 9th Grade. 

The first mini apparently wasn't a soaraway success - otherwise we'd be reading the 11th Grade stories by now. But it was a critical success, and seems to have been loved by all who read it. I'm sure that with the proper marketing push subsequent series would at least break even as periodicals, and more material would make for more collections to be sold in outlets other than comic book stores.

Given that Supergirl is among the most popular Hallowe'en characters for little girls, and Kara has recently been seen in the DC Nation cartoon strand, why not have a real crack at picking up sales in that market? Let's get the kids who love Supergirl actually reading her adventures; and not the adventures of the New 52 version, good as they are. No, let's give the girls a heroine they can more easily identify with - one for whom school is every bit as challenging as an alien invasion.

If you'd like to see Kara back in class, Supergirl fan supreme Valerie is running a letterwriting campaign to persuade DC Comics to think about greenlighting a second series, details here. And while letters may seem old-fashioned, there's no denying publishers take them more seriously than internet pleas. And waffles.

Who knows, we may get Kara educated yet!


  1. Well, as I recall, 8th grade can be compared to dog-paddling in an awkward cesspool of hormones, in a swimsuit that doesn't quite fit, topped with a cherry called education.

    Seriously though, isn't this just the cutest thing! I wasn't around for the series, but I might have to run by my shop and see if I can find it.

    And *GASP* want us to WRITE LETTERS? What are these "letters" of which you speak?


    1. Hi Katherine Anne, thanks for stopping by, and yeah, 8th Grade Kara is indeed a cutie. Ta for the school info, too. As a Legion fan, you may be interested to hear that if the series ever makes it that far, Kara will spend a year in the future!

      And the collection is available online, and cheap!


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