Captain Marvel #7 review

Avengers Carol Danvers and Monica Rambeau have both had a torrid time when it comes to settling on a codename but there's one that each has used - Captain Marvel. Monica adopted it at the start of her heroic career, Carol has taken it up only recently. And the move is a source of tension between the friends in this latest issue of Carol's new series.

Carol picked up the name years after Monica gave it up. Monica reckons it would have been common courtesy to run the change past her. Both women have a point, and it's good to see that the disagreement doesn't - despite that teasing cover - bring about a fight between the two. As I said, they're friends. The name business is addressed as Carol helps Monica look into a Bermuda Triangle-style mystery that's hit the latter's boat salvage business. While Monica has immense light-based power, she's not comfortable underwater due to a long-ago Avengers mission, so down Carol goes. Plane-crazy Carol's reward comes as she finds some seriously sexy old aircraft that have somehow been dragged into the depths off New Orleans.

She also encounters a couple of sharks, one literal, the other figurative; the second is Frank Gianelli, a former colleague from her days as a magazine editor.

Best. Issue. Yet. Kelly Sue DeConnick and Christopher Sebela's script melds character interaction with a classic plot to produce fireworks. The conversations between Carol, Monica and Frank are rooted in their long histories, but you don't have to have been there to appreciate them - the players are alive on the page right now, and it's a pleasure to spend time with them. And at the end, there's a cracking cliffhanger guaranteeing more, and likely even better, fun next month.
For the first time, I've no qualms about Dexter Soy's artwork. I said when the slightly problematic first issue appeared that he'd likely tweak his style when he saw that one printed, and I suspect he did, and that we're seeing the fruits here (click on image to enlarge). The darker edges have been softened and the colour pallete lightened, while the figurework remains strong. The result? Pages that are a pleasure to look at.

As for that cover, it's a treat from illustrator Jamie McKelvie and colourist Jordie Bellaire.

In a  week full of strong Marvel books, this one really stood out. If you've yet to try the new Captain Marvel, give this seriously smart, witty, action-packed comic a shot.


  1. This is the best issue yet indeed! I was despairing for this series during that nonlinear, nonsensical opening arc! Now if they can just keep this up and find a way to tell everyone who gave up on this book that the first few issues weren't what was always gonna see print Carol's newest series should last!

    1. Hi Steve, I do hope the book sticks to one and two parters for awhile, short, sharp shots of superhero goodness.

  2. That page of Soy's art *does* look better. Thanks for keeping me up to date!


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