DC Digital - Adventures of Superman #50 review

In the here today, renumbered tomorrow comic book market of 2014, a 50th issue is worth noting. A great 50th issue is something to celebrate

I may yet throw a parade for this done-in-one tale by Kelly Sue DeConnick and Valentine De Landro - it's the most amusing, charming story of Superman and Lois Lane in years.

Not coincidentally, 'Mystery Box' isn't set in the current, New 52 continuity, where an armour-clad Man of Steel snogs kill-crazy Wonder Woman while Lois keeps house with poor, neglected Jonathan Carroll. Nope, this is classic Superman, with a kiss-curled hero rocking the red trunks as he romances Lois.

Which isn't to say Diana isn't around ...

A quick recap - quick, because this is a breezy done-in-one, 20 sides of digital delight, and I don't wish to ruin the fun.

Because fun is what this comic is, from the opening, which sees America's favourite newshen handling an assignment in her own wacky way, to the close, as Lois and Superman celebrate St Valentine's Day in a meeting of hearts and minds. The story sees Superman, knowing Lois has something for him, trying to decide on a gift for his gal. He chews things over with Justice League pals Batman, Aquaman and, yes, Wonder Woman as they go about their daily heroic business.

I love seeing the superheroes - my heroes - as friends; there's not a whiff of tension between these guys, just warmth and respect. DeConnick's dry humour shines through, and suits the Leaguers, while De Landro's classically beautiful, winsomely witty linework brings an elegance to the action. 

A further level of awesome is brought by the colours of Matthew Wilson, who straddles the line between naturalism and 'pop' with style. Add in the emphatically excellent letters of Wes Abbott and you have a gem of a story, one that would go straight into DC's Year's Best Comics Stories digest were such a thing still around (and that's a hint, DC!).

Kelly Sue DeConnick should be writing a regular title for DC. A Lois Lane series showing us the many moods of Metropolis' top reporter. A Supergirl strip, following on from her teasingly brief run which closed out the pre-New 52 series. Or a classic, all-ages Justice League strip - call it Super Friends 2014 and make it a digital weekly. 

Valentine De Landro should be invited to draw any of these projects, maybe even asked what he'd like to draw. One thing I'd love Adventures of Superman's savvy editor Alex Antone to do right now, though, is commission this issue's creative team to produce a three-part Christmas tale guest starring the Justice League. I have no doubt they'd bring the cheer.

Because that's what they've done here, given us 99 smiles for a scant 99 cents. Now that's a gift worth getting. 


  1. i really enjoyed this. this was good time reading.

  2. This issue is a GEM! It is perfection, the author nailed it with this. She gave us a classic Superman combined with fun and romance. It has been like forever since we get a story like this. Lois the sassy and always late reporter, no angs. between JL members, they were acting like FRIENDS as it should be, helping Superman finding the perfect gift for Lois while doing their daily routine as super heroes! That's the JL I want to read!
    What a beautiful thing: Clark & Lois, two minds and one heart, soulmates indeed.
    This issue made me cry, I miss so much stories like this on New 52, I dropped all Superman's titles even Action Comics, no matter how much Greg Pak is trying his best with his run, without Lois in Superman's life the myth is incomplete. I can't accept a Superman who act like a jerk and snugs a trophy girlfriend at the end of the day.
    It is sad that because of this nonsense relationship we might never get to see Lois & Diana as friends, DC put these 2 iconic characters against each other when they decided to throw Lois under the rug in favor of killer Wonder Wonan. And I can't stand this version of Diana either!

    1. Hi Zoraida, I'm thrilled you enjoyed this issue as much as myself and others. Hopefully widespread praise for this instalment will encourage DC Burbank not just to give us more, but DC Comics to adjust their approach to Superman. We can dream!

  3. I think this is the first Adventures of Superman story to actually have their romance as text rather than subtext (all the others that I remember have a suggestion that either they have a REALLY close friendship as Superman and Lois or a post-work friendship (the bet, anyone that had to be paid up by paying for the other's dinner anyone?) as Clark and Lois but nothing that would be considered explicitly romantic/relationship material. I've enjoyed the others but this one gets 5 Awwws (out of 5).

    1. Great point about the romance being the point for once, Athene. This issue is worth every one of those awwwwws.


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