Supergirl #32 review

Still a Red Lantern, Kara is on her way back to Earth. While she's fitted in with the gang, leader Guy Gardner wants her to go to planet Mogo to see if the ring can be safely removed. But she's not having it, she likes that the red energy makes her feel part of something.

After a between-panels diversion to the Superman: Doomed crossover, Kara nears Earth, only to be intercepted by the Worldkiller and his crew, the Diasporans. Kara thinks the Worldkiller wants to murder her; in fact, he wants to recruit her for his mission to help planets 'grow and evolve' by hitting them with lethal force (not many survive his test...).

Having seen off four Worldkillers previously and having learned to channel her rage into red energy, Kara is supremely confident that she can take him. And she does indeed beat the creature known as the Worldkiller. She hasn't, though, realised the true nature of her foe - and that's before a very green spanner is thrown in the works ...

The big surprise this time is the news that Kara may be near a cure for her red-ringness. It's a surprise because having been in fine alternating synch with the Red Lanterns title, we're suddenly out of order, with a footnote pointing us to the not-yet-out Red Lanterns #32. Hopefully, the inevitable collection will print the stories in the correct sequence.

Just as last week's Justice League United refused to give up the conclusion of this series' current Red Daughter storyline, so Supergirl tells us nothing about the Superman Doomed conclusion. Which is fair enough, but the unfortunate result is that Kara really seems not to give a toss about her cousin at all; never mind a second thought, he doesn't even rate a first one.

This issue is set entirely in space, with none of the recent side trips to visit supporting characters Siobhan and Dr Veritas, or the escaped demon Blaze. That's a shame, as all-space, all the time isn't my cup of tea, and the business with the two very different she-demons intrigues me greatly.

Ah well, at least the Kara - I cannot wait to call her Supergirl again - story continues to be well developed. She's embraced her rage, but she's not ruled by it, and doesn't wish her enemies dead. 

And I love this moment:

Home! At last, she thinks of Earth as home. It only took three years.

There's an odd sound effect that suddenly appears and builds ... is it Supergirl's heart beating faster as her blood gets up?

The Worldkiller surprise works nicely, and gives the villain a new, much better visual. I'd be happy for this guy to become a recurring pain for Kara. All in all, this is another skilful script from writer Tony Bedard, and it really feels as if the Red Lanterns stage of Kara's journey is about done.

Emanuela Lupacchino and Ray McCarthy's art combines grace and power to make Kara's encounter with the Worldkiller memorable. Good as the action scenes are, though, my favourite moments are Kara flying forth - there's a lovely sense of effort in the movement. Will, if you will. And the artists deserve a bonus for the lack of shortcuts when it comes to the Worldkiller's ornate horns. Just look at those babies!

Hi-Fi's colours really make space pop, especially hyperspace, while Rob Leigh's letters are sharp and bright.

Next issue, says the blurb, 'The Unthinkable happens'. So far as I'm concerned, the only unthinkable is that I miss this great superhero comic.


  1. I thought this was a fine issue. I was glad ... thrilled .. when Supergirl called Earth home.

    And I thought the villain of the piece, the first Worldkiller is a good new rogue. There was a hint of Venom in him.

    I guess next issue the Red Lantern stuff ends.


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