DC Digital Sensation Comics featuring Wonder Woman #22 review

Wonder Woman is on the Isle of Cats, rescuing Batman and Superman from the terrible trio of Medusa, Circe and - who else? - the Cheetah. Circe wants to make Diana her latest piggy, Medusa wants to add the Amazing Amazon to her statue collection and Circe desires the Lasso of Truth. Wonder Woman dispatches her foes with confidence, courage and wit. But then ...

... this is a tough one to review. Halfway through, the tale takes a left turn, and goes from being a Wonder Woman story to a story about Wonder Woman. What that means, exactly, I can't say or the surprise is spoilt. I can't even reference a movie it reminds me of, because you'll get it in a flash. 

So what I intended as a review becomes more of a recommendation. Here's a lovely done-in-one Sensation Comics tale written by novelist and occasional Vertigo contributor Lauren Beukes, who gives us a joyously light, authentic take on Diana. This is the first Wonder Woman story - almost the first DC comic - I can remember being set in South Africa, making for a refreshing read. 
The strip is illustrated by Mike Maihack, whose utterly delightful Batgirl and Supergirl gag strips you may have seen online. He uses that super-sharp animated style for the first half of the story, and it suits Diana and enemies down to the brightly coloured ground. For the second half, Maihack uses a softer edge, as we look at the aftermath of Diana's adventure on the Isle of Cats ('just off the coast of Mozambique). It's gorgeous work, perfect for Beukes' clever tale of sisterhood. 

Mysterious enough for you? Sorry about that, but just plonk down 69p, 99c or whatever your local currency is (maybe 11 rand?) for this digital delight and expect to grin. And if you've not got a tablet, come April this is due in the print edition along with work by Karl Story and Chris Sprouse, for the entirely reasonable $3.99 or equivalent. 

And I've just one more thing to say after reading 'The Problem with Cats' by Beukes and Maihack - please DC, miaow I have some more?


  1. "What that means, exactly, I can't say or the surprise is spoilt."

    I think most people know what happens in the Lego Movie by now, Martin.

    1. Wonder Woman was in it, and it featured arguably the best big-screen Batman since 1966.

    2. Oh I know, I was just having fun back after you gave away the name of the film I was deliberately avoiding!


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