Sensation Comics featuring Wonder Woman #26 review

Back when he was writing and drawing Wonder Woman, Phil Jimenez, along with co-writer Joe Kelly, gave us an issue centred on Lois Lane interviewing Wonder Woman for the Daily Planet. A great 'day in the life' story, it gave us insights into both women and put them on the road to true friendship. 

This digital first of two parts takes the same premise and does very little with it. Lois asks insultingly rubbish questions at the behest of an uncharacteristically gossip-obsessed Perry White. Then a giant robot attacks and and the two women team up...
As a breezy, two-minute - if that - read, this is fine; certainly, the art of Chris Sprouse and Karl Story is always welcome, even if it's not up to quite their usual sky-high standard. But when you have the two most famous women in comics sharing a story, we should get something special and YA author Cecil Castellucci fails to deliver. The interview elicits cheap laughs, but only by mischaracterising both Perry and Lois - he'd not try to run her interview and she'd never go along with same. 
Things get interesting in the last couple of pages, and it's good to see Lois' bravery foregrounded, but this left me disappointed. Individually, Diane and Lois are awesome - together they should prove a stunning combination. 

Maybe next time...


  1. Why must Lois fight the robot? Lois can be a strong female character without her absurdly physically mixing it up with super-villains. Her heroism is in her devoted, brave and intelligent journalism. It might be difficult to depict in a comic (doesn't lend itself to 'THOOM') but can surely be done.

    Thanks for the excellent review, Martin!

    1. Very true, but Lois leaping in is pretty much in character, she's always been rather reckless. More journalism would be nice, though!


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