DC Comics Bombshells #3 review

It's 1940 and Kara and Kortni are the newest Night Witches, members of Russia's air division, training to take on the forces of Hitler. They've come to Moscow from the country home where Mother told them about witches and the dangers of the forest, and Father spoke of physics and the wonders of space. Kortni wants to do good out in the world, Kara would rather be out tending cattle. 
After Batwoman and Wonder Woman, DC Bombshells introduces us to the women who will, it seems, be this series' versions of Stargirl and Supergirl. Their being Russian sisters isn't something I saw coming, but why the heck not? We're in Elseworlds territory, and the regular Kara and Courtney did become good pals in Justice League United.  

Marguerite Bennett's script here is more to my taste than last chapter's take on the Amazons, with the two leads nuanced in a way I can get behind. And Marguerite Sauvage's art just keeps dazzling these old eyes - the retro look of our heroines, near-identical blondes but one has a kiss curl, is lovely, the city looks beautiful and the aerial action works. 
We're three weeks into a nine-part adventure and I'm loving the ride. Go Night Witches!