Adventures of Supergirl Chapter 7 review

Supergirl is the consummate superheroine, so good she can fight a villain in her sleep. Not that she has any choice in the latest instalment of DC's Digital First spin-off from the CBS show. She's battling through dreamscape after dreamscape for what seems like years, never quite reaching the weaver of dreams, but never giving up

And some of the other lives Kara finds herself living will be familiar to longtime fans. 
And there's more, and it's wonderful. Writer Sterling Gates gives us the most Eastery of eggs but uses them in a masterfully organic way; if you don't pick up on the references to previous Supergirl runs - including his own - it doesn't matter. But if you do, you'll likely be grinning broadly. In a sense, Gates presents a master Supergirl text into which the other stories can be slotted. 

The advantage Kara has that allows her to persevere where even the greatest heroes might otherwise be overwhelmed is equally natural, something built into her backstory. There's no cheating here, 'just' another hugely fun instalment of the bigger saga that sees this Kara meet Psi - a villainess from the Eighties Paul Kupperberg/Carmine Infantino/Bob Oksner Supergirl series - for the first time

Emanuela Lupacchino conjures up delightful, memorable images specified and suggested by the script, while adding her own magic. And she even gets to draw her own cat, according to Gates. 
That's quite the evolved kitty...

Ray McCarthy inks with flair - battle cat Mar has a pleasingly Gil Kane finish - while the colours of Hi-Fi add even more life to the images. Saida Temofonte's letters are as clear and friendly as ever, while the cover by Cat Staggs is suitably trade-ready. 

Kara solves one mystery here, but a bigger one remains for the readers - why the heck is this superb series only appearing fortnightly?


  1. Just a great issue filled with so many Easter eggs it could make a quiche.

    But I love the mystery of this thing. Who is Facet? What did Alex do to Rampage's sister? Why does Sterling Gates remember Nightflame?

    As you say, this is wonderful. Hopefully we get more than the originally 13 chapter run.

    1. Well, I suspect Sterling remembers Nightflame for the same reason as everyone else - it was ruddy weird!

  2. I was really disappointed. I was so hoping to see original Kara not some stereotypical pink Supergirl who mentions Chicago. I was kinda shocked that Psi basically had her costume be the same, just pink instead of gold armour. It was nice to have Kara's fire angel incarnation mentioned. Overall I didn't like it much though, but that was from reading about how pretty much every costume and incarnation was going to be seen/ mentioned. It's fun that after all these *choke* decades we have Supergirl fight Psi again.

    1. For me, the extra coverage of Psi's outfit was a big improvement - that gold bikini thing was just wretched.

      I'm OK with a pink costume, there aren't enough pink heroes or heroines - Cosmic Boy, Element Lad, Saturn Girl... thank goodness for the Legion!

    2. Yeah, Psi was an improvement.

      I just think that with Supergirl it's too much of a stereotype - she's a girl, she has to be pink. If it wasn't for that, I'd be completely fine with it.

      Thank goodness for the Legion indeed. Of course, nowadays, Cosmic Boy is wearing violet is still better than blue), and Imra is red - except Evil Imra in JL3001 whose body is pink.

  3. Sorry to hear you're disappointed, Uncle Screensaver. We do our best to tell compelling Supergirl stories. The Easter Eggs are meant to be fun nods and winks, not the sole reason we make these comics.

    As for the pink costume, we included it in this story specifically to give little girls something to point to when the only Supergirl costumes commercially available to them are pink ones.


    1. Thanks for dropping by Sterling, that's a rather nifty reason.

    2. Yes, thank you! :D

      I think I was expecting more just because of what I read somewhere, otherwise the only thing bugging me would be the pink, but knowing the reason behind it is really cool!


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