Too Dangerous For Secret Origins Podcast?

... apparently not, as having previously guested on Ryan Daly's wonderful issue-by-issue look at DC's Eighties Secret Origins book, I got to come back to chat the Secret Origin of the Legion Clubhouse. You'll also get Mike Peacock uncovering the JLA's Secret Sanctuary and Greg Araujo visiting Titans Tower. Give it a listen and if you have a comment, Ryan would love to hear from you over at the Fire and Water Network. 

Here's the link!


  1. Downloaded it right after reading this. It's long, just finished the JL and Teen Titan's sections and looking forward to hearing yours on the Legion Mart!

    1. It was great Mart. You really got the best of those three assignments, by far the best story of the three. I had't heard of the story of Fortress Boy before, what a story of both tragedy and triumph at the same time, such a outside of the box premise with a traditional sense of heart though. Great story and great review! Hopefully you'll be involved in another one of these soon.

    2. Thanks very much, I doubt I'll be back before the end but I will be popping up elsewhere!


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