An Unexpected Easter

Hoppy Easter!
Sorry, I mean HAPPY... thing is, I've just been chatting to Ryan Daly of It's Midnight... the Podcasting Hour podcast, part of the Fire and Water Network about one of my favourite DC mystery storues, Hopping Down the Bunny Trail from 1980's Unexpected #202. Why do I like this one so much? Tune in to find out. You'll also get a terrific short story from Anj of Supergirl Comic Box Commentary, and listener feedback. If you've not heard the show previously, Midnight looks at DC horror books - series such as Night Force and Swamp Thing, and one-offs from Unexpected and such sister titles as House of Mystery and Ghosts. It's always worth a listen, and Ryan loves to get feedback over at the Fire and Water Network, where there are loads of other compelling shows. Hope you like this one!


  1. Loved it Mart! Every anthropomorphisising little kid has some little piece of unease or guilt about gobbling the heads of so many helpless chocolate bunnies, and that story mines that vein wonderfully. Also loved the recent Wonder Womam retro review: the usual wonderful Martin Mix of intelligent insight and nostalgic enjoyment/appreciation. Thanks for it!

  2. Great podcast, Mart -- I'll have to check out more of them (particularly the Night Force ones)! And maybe sometime they'll handle my favorite DC horror tale: "Raising the Devil," from 1977's Secrets of Haunted House #8.

    And for your listening enjoyment, here's a brief Emo Philips routine that I always think of when I see a chocolate bunny:

    1. Good clip! I've not seen much Emo, he appeared on UK TV a few times but never caught on... I suspect it's his delivery.

      Anyway, many thanks for the kind words. I've just ordered a new old copy of SoHH, because I may one day be asked it do it... feel free to besiege Ryan with a request at the show's webpage. Heck, you may wind up on the show, which I'd love!

    2. I'll definitely do that! I just want to listen to another episode or two before I write him.

      And man, you're in for a treat when you get your copy! Or at least, 8-year-old Rob, brought up in an America where there were closet satanists around every corner (or at least it seemed that way in pop culture), loved that story to death.

    3. And you're in for a treat if you're not a regular Fire and Water Network listener. I reckon the Who's Who in the DC Universe and Secret Origins podcasts could be just your cup of caffeine!

    4. Just re-read Raising the Devil - some vintage talent on display there!


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