Supergirl #14 review

Just two cousins hanging out. By a volcano. With a Superdog. 

It’s taken years, but DC continuity is finally back at my sweet spot, with Supergirl and Superman looking out for one another.  And is that a hint Streaky, the Cat of Steel, is coming? I do hope so, I’ve no doubt writer Steve Orlando can make the Silver Age favourite work in 2017. 

That’s in the future, with luck; for now we have Kara turning to Clark for advice to deal with her recently increased powers. Who, she wonders, might know a way to help her regain control before someone gets hurt? 

Kenan Kong, China’s New Super-Man, and his mentor, I-Ching!

Kara listens to the sage, looks within to regain her focus. And she’s doing pretty well, until a distraction comes up...

Would you just look at the artwork this issue? Penciller Jose Luis, inker Norm Rapmund, colourist Michael Atiyeh and letterer Steve Wands produce one gorgeous superhero comic. Kara is intelligent and powerful, Kenan solid and puppyish, I Ching still and serene and the bit players - including that unfortunate Rocket Red - nicely individuated. 

The action notes work nicely while the emotion is nailed. I hope this team returns before long. 

As for Orlando, his Supergirl gets better by the issue. The New 52 ‘hell on wheels’ horror is gone, replaced by a mature young woman, one able to reach out for help and listen to others. She doesn’t rush headlong into situations, instead assessing them and finding the best course of action. Importantly, though, she’s not perfect, she can still be caught off-guard.  

And good on Orlando for the quick callback to Kara’s New 52 debut, making it clear this is the same character, one who’s grown. Kenan, too, has come a long way from the egotistic, blundering fool he was in his debut, and I like that. 

After the Russian business is concluded and Kara gets back to her studies, there’s a lovely page of the two young heroes just chatting as they share a bite - it’s great stuff. 

The book closes with a visit to CatCo, where ‘Miss Grant’ is scheming, before a final scene of Supergirl that’s just perfect. 

Also perfect is the alternate cover by Stanley ‘Artgerm’ Lau, a timely reminder that Supergirl is back on US TV this week, while penciller Robson Rocha, inker Daniel Henriques and Atiyeh’s main cover is a real eyecatcher. 

Supergirl is on a roll right now, if you’re not reading this series, try this issue. 

Supergirl #14 review, Steve Orlando, Jose Luis, Norm Rapmund, Michael Atiyeh, Steve Wands, Robson Rocha, Daniel Henriques, Stanley ‘Artgerm’ Lau


  1. This book was sweet. If you told me we'd be pushing back the set up issue of Kara's new status quo I would have told you I was against it. With how much I enjoyed this issue and Kara and Kenan's characters and the way they handled the situation I'm glad they did!

    1. It was a nice surprise, I forgot this was coming... after reading the first issue of Mother Panic I’m a bit wary of what Jody Houser might bring. Which is stupid and unfair, she’s a professional writer, so likely capable of different approaches.

  2. That panel. That first panel is everything I've ever wanted to read in a Superman book. Both cousins and Krypto sitting together and standing on a volcano like it wasn't a big deal. Doing all kind of cool stuff I'm unable to because of pesky laws of physics. Some fans think getting Super-people playing with meteors, zipping through the galaxy or diving into stars is wrong because it makes them less relatable. Still I love that kind of stuff because they ARE escapist fantasy characters.

    And Kara talking about getting a cat! How awesome is that!

    Kara meeting I-Ching brings "The Sandman Saga" to mind.

    There was a good number of callbacks in this issue. Kara enshrouded in golden light and grabbing a shaft? I'm sure it's an All-Star homage. Kara referencing her crash-landing on Siberia and her fight against Worldkiller-1 with that "throwing it into the Sun doesn't always work" comment? Great, and it reinforces how much she has grown up.

    We all know what happened the last time when someone fired a sonic weapon at her and Kara got eye-glowing, tooth-gritting angry. Now? Now she manages to calm herself down and handle the situation.

    Am I imagining things or that 8-sign inside a diamond outline is the sign of the House of El in the Smallville universe?

    Anyway, great story and great art.

    1. I think you’re right on all points! I spent about five minutes trying to remember the issue number in which I-Ching helped Superman out, but got it wrong, confusing #241 with #233, the Superman Breaks Loose issue. I never watched much Smallville and thought the 8/S symbol appeared in All-Star Superman. Apparently that image debuted in 2002. Duh! If I had a prize to give you...

  3. eye kinda hope that we learn what Zor-El did to her in her New 52 origin an maybe see some of those rogues from that time like Simon Tycho or Nanotech or The Worldkillers

    1. It be fun to have some of these folk come back, give them a chance to build as villains.


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