Midnight... the Podcasting Hour episode 17

Feeling peckish? Fancy a midnight snack? Then pop along to Ryan Daly’s Midnight: The Podcasting Hour, where we talk about The Gourmet, a cracking little story by Steve Skeates and Bernie Wrightson. It appeared in Plop #1, DC’s experimental magazine of weird humour, in 1973. 

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Over at the image gallery, Ryan’s put up all six pages. All six gorgeous pages. If you’ve never seen it, you’re in for a treat. And if you do know the piece, you’ll likely be pleased to have another look. 

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And Happy Thanksgiving for Thursday, American chums. Eat something nice. 


Midnight... the Podcasting Hour episode 17, Plop! DC Comics, Ryan Daly, Steve Skeates, Bernie Wrightson