Introducing, Captain Britain!

I’m old, you know. So old that I was there when Marvel UK debuted its first original character, Captain Britain, back in the Seventies. And a couple of years later I was there when he made his US comics debut, courtesy of two memorable issues of Marvel Team-Up by Chris Claremont and John Byrne. Siskoid, of Siskoid’s Blog of Geekery and many a podcast on the Fire and Water Network, was kind enough to have me on his FW Team-Up podcast this week to chat about that time Brian Braddock became Peter Parker’s lodger. Here’s a link to the episode, or find the show on iTunes and other podcatchers. 

Oh, and Arcade debuted. It’d be great if you could join us - comments welcome at the showpage, here too, if you like. Hope you enjoy the episode!


  1. Great podcast Mart, I hope you keep appearances like this coming. I read this Team Up storyline as a kid and loved it (which of course predisposes me to like it now as an adult even with the plot flaws that seem more evident). To us in the US (well, at least to me) Captain Britain was wonderfully 'exotic' (like Captain America yet not Captain America), and the concept of the Joker-like Arcade trapping heroes in, as you and Siskoid point out, kind of a reverse danger room based on pinball backdrops really intrigued me. I loved the joke about Arcade as a disco-clad ventriloquist dummy! And I'd certainly plunk down money to see a Spidey-Captain Britain amalgam battle a talisman-powered Lord Kraven.

  2. I’d buy that battle with Lord Kraven! Thanks so much for the kind words.


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