The secret origin of Jezebel Jet

Currently making a big impact - on Bruce Wayne at least - in Grant Morrison's Batman RIP storyline, is fashion model Jezebel Jet. She appeared from nowhere, captured Bruce's interest very quickly, saw through his secret ID and is now his confidante. Almost as if she's a mind manipulating telepath.

Meanwhile, over in Grant Morrison's Final Crisis 1, Silver Age legend J'onn J'onzz is executed by Libra in a bit of super-villain show and tell. In one panel he's chargrilled - despite his vulnerabilty to fire having been explained as a psychological rather than physical issue many years ago.

He is soooo not dead and reduced to nothingness . . . it's obvious really. The shock of the fire attack addles Jonn's brain, causing him to flee at super-speed and seek safety in a disguise. Inspired by old pal the Vixen, the memory-challenged J'onn J'onzz shapeshifts into . . . Jezebel Jet, international supermodel. Of course J'onn would seek out the world's greatest detective to help him regain his memory. Mind, he never meant to fall for Bruce, but these things happen. He's already had Wonder Woman and Zatanna's interest, eventually all JLA-ers will desire the bat-love god.

And now that I have revealed all, DC will have to change Batman RIP and Jezebel Jet will stand revealed as . . . Captain Atom. Maybe.