New Avengers 47

The hell?

I bought this issue for the promise of a Hawkeye focus, and got an issue of Alias. And while I enjoyed Alias, it was of its time, and that was a time when Brian Michael Bendis' never-ending back and forth chitchat seemed fresh. Now it reads like three-day old cheese; here a *!&$?, there a silent panel, everywhere a 'the hell?'

Yes, it's fascinating to see Bendis working with Michael Gaydos again, there's no denying they gel, but the bulk of this issue was a throwaway look at an early incident in the Luke Cage/Jessica Jones relationship. And in the week that Secret Invasion concludes, I want something newer, more exciting than another peek at a relationship we know well.

Billy Tan and Matt Banning provide decent artwork for a framing sequence which takes place in the days prior to the SI, and ends on an SI cliffhanger. The sequences are bookended by big close-ups of a highly emotional Cage but there doesn't seem to be any point to this; it comes across as dull coincidence.

Thank God this should be the last filler issue, and actual stories of the New Avengers team resume next issue. I've had enough of Solo Anyone Linked To Avengers.