Amazing Spider-Man 583 - yes, thank you Marvel

The news media is terribly excited because someone has drawn a president in a comic book! Who knew such an artistic barrier could be broken (again) - but that don't impress me much. I mean, selling comic books to idiots on eBay for the price of a house is all very well, but if the choice is between a picture of a here-today-gone-in-four-years president and a cover illustrated by the classic Spider-Man artist John Romita Sr, well, I know which I'm choosing. It's just a shame Marvel didn't go old school on the colouring - the murky purples which dominate the background, and the shadows obscuring the faces, do no favours to the work of a true comics great.

And another thing . . .

Dear Marvel Comics, the phrase: does not actually apply when you've charged an extra dollar to give us the privilege of getting you column inches.


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