Captain Britain and MI13 #15 review

Ah, this was a bittersweet book. The final issue of my favourite Marvel series, but chocful of great things - reunions, endings and new beginnings. The main story sees the dismantling of the threat from Dracula and his cohort, due to a combination of trickery, force and courage. Alongside that are the resolutions to good vampire Spitfire's problem with bad vampire son Baron Blood, the lip of Faiza's undead father stiffening through something other than rigor mortis, an appalling/fantastic gag involving the very obscure Tangerine, and Captain Britain and Meggan showing that you can have a great love without being embarrassingly icky. How very British.

Writer Paul Cornell is big on the British this issue, with several wonderful moments, drawn by Leonard Kirk and Jay Leisten, in which our national character is complimented. And then, after referencing life's sitcom nature, they produce a note perfect final page. OK, if you've never seen Dad's Army, Are You Being Served or numerous other BBC shows it'll mean nothing specific, but I bet you'll still smile.

This book has had me smiling for 15 issues and an annual and if that's all I'm getting I'll be thankful for that, and move on. Now that's British.


  1. Never seen those shows and still loved it! One of my favorite things about this comic has been how British it felt from the start. I can't know exactly what that means, but damn if I didn't love it!

    And that was a heck of a surprise appearance, yes?


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