Tiny Titans: Return to the Treehouse #5 review

This week's Sensation Comics scrap between Wonder Woman and the Cheetah reminded me that I never got round to highlighting another recent encounter between the two. And where SC #12 was trying to be all-grown-up with its blood and guts, Tiny Titans remains defiantly all-ages, and all the better for it.

If you've not been following the latest adventures of the cutest sidekicks around, they're journeying through the DC Universe in search of a new headquarters, their treehouse having been nicked, shrunk, bottled and most likely pickled by the Brainiac Club. This issue sees Wonder Girl, Robin, Speedy, Cassie, Raven and Kid Flash jetted to Paradise Island by Wonder Woman. She reckons she knows just the spot for a new treehouse.

Diana takes the kids into the forest, leaving the Invisible Plane parked, unattended. Soon the Cheetah and pet Chauncey strike, daubing the entire vehicle with camouflage paint, meaning Diana will never find the, er, formerly Invisible Plane. When Wonder Woman learns the Cheetah is around, she shows off a trick never before seen.

I love that the Cheetah reacts like a Wonder Woman fangirl, incredulous at a super-convenient new bit of business. I love the scene with Diana's favourite kanga, Jumpa. I love every adorable, whimsical, funny panel of this gem, the fact that it can embrace Eighties Titans baddies Deathstroke and Trigon as easily as it does Forties cat villain Cheetah by showering all three with the same wacky good nature.

Describing this series can never match the experience of turning the pages, turning yourself over to the innocent fun of Tiny Titans. There's just one more issue of this mini-series to go, and I'll be savouring every sweet page.



    I loved the camo paint gag, particularly.

  2. Just goes to show you that, All-Ages doesn't always necessarily mean bad writing. This one(and he whole series in general) seems better written and conceived than a lot of the more current mainstream stuff.
    I love the smart-ass/snarky undertone though as well. Awesome.


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