Wonder Woman #1 review

Gods walk the Earth. In Singapore, one creates oracles in a bid to discern his father's moves and moods. In Virginia, another slaughters horses to produce murderous centaurs. Nearby, a third defends the mortal target of the transformed beasts.

And in London, Diana sleeps. But not for long, as a mystical object transports Zola, the centaurs' prey, to her side, pulling Diana into the chess game being played by the Olympians. Soon Wonder Woman is facing the wrath of the centaurs, and meeting an old friend.

I could give you chapter and verse but this is one of those books in which the devil is in the detail, and I suspect most people reading this will be buying. Writer Brian Azzarello and artist Cliff Chiang carefully ladle out the information and you're going to have fun discovering who's who, and what's what, for yourself. So in lieu of massive spoilers, let's look at the tone, and the bigger picture.

Azzarello said this was going to be a horror book, and certainly a strong stomach will be needed for a few of the panels here. If you can't abide animal cruelty, the opening pages won't be for you, as the horses are slaughtered on panel. What happens next is similarly grisly, but makes sense for the story, and we were warned.

The real horror, though, arises from the feeling that all the creatures of earth are the gods' playthings, to be transformed, or murdered, as their whims dictate.

When Diana appears in the story, there's an instant injection of brightness. Not in a Pollyanna way, more in the sense that while she's wary, and fierce, it's obvious this is a good woman, a strong woman - a wonder woman. She's going to protect mortals from gods, starting with Zola, whom we learn has had a rather classic encounter with one of their number.

The dialogue is terse, and smart. It makes the characters feel enigmatic, without their seeming irritating. The dramatic scenes pile up, and we see something of what Diana can do. The fight choreography from Chiang is some of the best I've seen in a while, with no doubt about how we get from panel A to panel B, while his reinterpretation of the gods is stunning. And so far as regular folk go, Zola looks to be the spitfire Diana deserves to have at her side.

And Wonder Woman herself? I don't think 'beautiful as Aphrodite' would be overstating.

The story closes with a scene echoing something that happened in last week's Demon Knights, but Chiang's control of time makes it even creepier, while Matthew Wilson's beautiful colours are as effective here as they are throughout. First-class lettering, too, from Jared K Fletcher.

I'm not delighted with the new costume - silver rather than gold, too many double-ws, a tiny emblem - but I can live with it, and it'll likely become more like the iconic look as time goes on.

Gore apart, this is a fine debut, and I can't wait to see where the story goes from here. The book has a feel all of its own among DC's New 52 books, and I love that there's no sense that we'll be bothering with tedious 'Who is Wonder Woman?' issues. She's Diana, princess of the Amazons, defender of mortals, and she's right here.


  1. Over at Savage Critics I shared my hopes for the series before I'd read it. Picking it up later today and I am hopeful based on your review here that something along the lines I was looking for is occurring.

    I think Wonder Woman monster hunter has potential. Writers struggle so mightily with the idea of an ass-kicking ambassador of peace who is involved quite heavily with all sorts of sexual politics that I’m not surprised few can handle the juggling act. Couple that with S&M thing and the fact that the outfit is like a patriotic wet dream for some and yikes that’s a laundry list of challenges before you even put pen to paper.

    I’d honestly like to see them go away from all that and have Wonder Woman deal with secret threats to humanity with a BPRD style team of assistants. Throw in the occasional flashback to Darwyn Cooke’s WW in various times throughout history and you’ve got me for as long as you want me.

  2. I was on the fence, but based on your review I'll pick this up later today.

  3. "Gore apart..." That's the big thing, isn't it? Ah, the modern DC.

    I wonder how the story would have read without the gratuitous gore?

    And of course we have the half-clothed damsel in distress, and the naked Wondie who's in her bed, having pulled her sheets up so only the essentials are covered.

    I don't like shock violence. I adore Wondie. So I'm torn on this because I can see that (unlike Odyssey) this actually seems to have a solid plot at its heart and a few real characters. At least Wondie acts (so far) like Wondie.

  4. Thanks Smitty, I look forward to seeing what you think after you've had a chance to read it.

    I reckon you'll be glad you did, Timbotron.

    Thinking back, Carol, wasn't Diana sleeping 'sexily' in her bed as far back as #246. Anyway, let's see how the chaps dress ... maybe we'll get Steve in nowt but boxers.

  5. My complaint was not Wondie sleeping in the raw—well-established Post-Crisis—but the need to have her legs bared to our view as well.

    Maybe next ish they'll give us a banquet of exploding brains?

  6. How are you getting your comics so early!? Are you doing the digital day and date thing?

    I've not really read your review YET. I'd like to get my hands on the issue to form my own opinions before reading your thoughts.

  7. Carol, that's #3. Next issue is puppies and kittens, to the death.

    Rob, I'm in the UK, so we get comics at least five hours earlier than in the US.

  8. Well, ignore what the naysayers think, just dive in and enjoy it. This has to be one of the most enjoyable new 'firsts' WW has ever had. It had a delicious terseness to it; a narrative that seemed to involve the reader immediately and urge us to give it a chance. And why wouldnt we? This first ish demands we see it with fresh eyes, with none of the convoluted mess of continuity we're often saddled with.
    Of course like every other WW fan ,for issue one we will give it a fair try but vy the second the knives will be out...you can rest assured that the Equos-style slaughter of horses [which I found disturbing] will be as nothing to the slaughter issue two will get, as WW fans will doubtless demand all the answers and everything else on a plate. Attempts to criticise this issue will involve those horses...WW fans are rarely happy. It dosent surprise me what sort of mind like Carol Strickland still isnt happy...makes you wonder what goes through some peoples minds [familiar, sweetie?]. No one can just be glad that this is the closest apparently we've come to a 'real' WW in over a year...that would be too much for some fairweather 'fans' who drop the book the instant it dosent go their way. After the debacle of Oddysey we should be giving our 'gel' our full support, and Azzarello, who seems to be approaching this book with a completely new mind-set, with few of the trappings of the past may be this generations George Perez, revitilizing her for a whole new readership. That alone deserves respect, considering DC dosent know what the hell to do with WW any more.
    Well, Im glad...the issue fairly flew by; I didnt htink Id like this hunted girl Zola but I do. I can imagine her being the Gabrielle to Diana's Zena [tho I dislike WW being compared to her, really]. The Gods...how exciting and exotic were they?!? The enticing mix of dark sensuality and remote, fleetingly mysterious callousness that when written perfectly the Gods of the WW book can prove themselves as worthy adversaries to her.
    Diana herself? Diana...herself! A calm, perfectly confident woman who from just this initial showing [and we have a long way to go yet so who knows] appears free of the trappings of the last few years worth of poor writing and is prepared to be a Wonder Woman on her own terms, it seems. The action scenes are well choreographed and showcased her fighting techniques suitably. Colours...dark and moody at times which complement our new horror theme. And the horror motif itself...well, its novel for WW and as a long-term fan [circa 1971] its simply another 'new direction' after all the others but you know what? It could work. After all the hype this could find its feet and take my favourite heroine in a direction that could be rather pleasing.
    I award this issue 9 out of 10.

  9. Wow.

    I loved it. Thought it was simply amazing.

    And while there's gore, I wouldn't call it gratuitous in the least. The gods who do such things inspire awe as well as revulsion -- and both reactions seem essential to their characterization here.

    One of the top books of the 52, in my opinion.

  10. Karl, I'm glad you enjoyed the book too, but do me a favour - don't suddenly have a pop at your fellow fans. I want everyone to feel they can respond to reviews without someone suddenly having a go. I'd be just as unhappy were someone doing it to you. My opinion, Carol's, yours - all just opinions.

  11. Definitely with you on this being one of the best books, Rob. I really hope, though, that DC brings out more all-ages books - I'd love a Wondy comic I could pass on to the littl'uns.

  12. Oh, I'd love to see an all-ages Wonder Woman book, too -- particularly if it's by Bill Messner-Loebs and Lee Moder.

  13. Thanks, Martin. Excellent review. I think you nailed the essence of the issue with this comment: "... all the creatures of earth are the gods' playthings, to be transformed, or murdered, as their whims dictate." That sums up this world, the little we have seen of it.

    Just a few comments of my own. I'll try to stay brief.

    I feel Chiang's art is the absolute perfect match in style for Azzarello's writing here. He's able to express Diana's beauty, for example, while maintaining a rawness and edginess that supported the story itself. We're just going to have to clone Cliff Chiang, so he can draw Wonder Woman forever. :)

    I loved how Azz just jumped right in. Beginning in media res, just propels the reader powerfully into the tale and action. From pretty much the first panels, we're right there in the kinetic activity of this crazy mystery.

    Also, the focus on a very simple sequence of events with few characters allowed for a good deal of expansion, from the perspective of the world that is being created as well as the conflicts facing those few characters, that a more complex story wouldn't have.

    Overall, this is right there with Animal Man and Action for me. Right there at the top. I have only one negative comment to make: 30 days is way too long to wait for issue #2!

  14. Oh! And I have a theory!

    Zola's baby is Zeus. ;)

  15. Nice review on a great issue. I could nitpick a few things, but they didn't take away from my overall enjoyment. My only quibble is with the one action that screamed "this isn't my Wonder Woman" was the seeminly reckless way WW lassoed and hurled Zola throught the air, with her slamming into the ground on the landing. WW would have been more careful, and I don't understand why Zola doesn't have broken bones!

  16. Thought this one was a win. Yes gory ... but this is Diana as monster-fighter, so it works. Definitely a good start!

  17. Wow. I'm really looking forward to the second issue. I think this is amongst my top 3 or 4 of the new DC 52. The storytelling really worked for me - lots of panels that didn't need unnecessary exposition or speech. A strong, powerful Wonder Woman with an edge - I like it!

  18. Great comments Hal, you're so right about the joy of just getting on with the story. Everyone knows who Wonder Woman is, so Azzarello and Chiang can just lace right in.

    Hmm, if the baby is Zeus - and that makes sense, if you're a Greek god - I wonder which bit of Zola's body he'll spring from.

    Anthony, I always like to hear the nitpicks. I let mine roam free ... If Hal is correct about Zeus having put himself in Zola, as it were, it's likely he's upped her physical resiliency.

    Diana, monster fighter, that'd make a decent arc title, Anj.

    So what are your other faves, Rob?

  19. This is a good story, it really is.. but the biggest problem? There is no WONDER WOMAN in a WONDER WOMAN story. Instead, Wonder Woman has been replaced with Xena, the Warrior Princess. Wonder Woman is suppose to be an IDEAL.. She's suppose to represent MORE to us and show that there IS A BETTER WAY. That her first reaction shouldn't be to hack off arms and strangle people, but to TRY to find a better way. If she cannot, she'll beat them senseless, but there is nothing wonderful or different about this character. We've seen this character countless times.. She's Xena, she's Red Sonya, she's any action star woman that kills, murders, slaughters and cuts off arms with ease. She doesn't teach us to be better people, she doesn't come from an advanced people.. She's just another hack and slash heroine.

    Wonder Woman's SUPPOSE to represent more.. I keep saying this.. but there is a REASON Wonder Woman didn't appear with a Sword that killed people or an Axe that could cut off body parts with ease.. When she first appeared, when she was created.. she was created with a Golden Lasso of Truth.. Not a Noose either.. a LASSO. Why? It's not a violent weapon. It's not created to kill or maim. It's created to restrain and to compel people to tell the truth, which forces us to be better even if we are evil liars.

    This, Warrior Woman, has completely forgotten Wonder Woman's original weapon.. her mainstay. Instead, it's just there for decoration. She's thrown it aside for swords and axes (probably spears and bows and arrows). The only time she even BOTHERS to use it is to save someone.. but not as an actual weapon, not to restrain, not to get to the truth.. There is nothing that is truly WONDERFUL about this Warrior Woman. She will not make a hawk a dove that's for sure.. no she'll just chop off the hawk's head.

    And the saddest thing? Everyone CHEERS that Wonder Woman, a woman who used to preach peace and believe she could show our world a BETTER WAY to do things, a woman that has TRANSFORMED/reformed more of her villains than ANY other hero or heroine in the entire DC Universe with her compassion and her heart, is dead.. and replaced with Warrior Woman. I wonder if people would be as happy if Superman or Batman were out there chopping of limbs. I can't wait until this chick meets the new Cheetah or Dr. Psycho.. She'll have the most maimed/dead rogue's gallery in the DCU.. Joy, rapture and bliss

  20. My personal faves so far: Demon Knights, Resurrection Man, Legion and WW.

    Red Hood has the potential to introduce me to some new stories with characters I've not really come across before (not having followed Batman or the Jason Todd story - I had to look up his back story on Wikipedia).

    There are a few other titles I'll continue to follow: Justice League, JLI, Action Comics, Legion Lost and Green Lantern. But I'll only follow them until the end of their first arc to see if I like them enough.

    I shall rely on your reviews to keep me up to date on what else is happening within the DCU!

  21. Top review - you've once again emphasised the best aspects of the plot. Well done! I always look on the bad side!

    I quite liked this as Wonder Woman is getting something done without having a multi-part caniption about her role in the world. It was quite refreshing!

    But! It's a shame she's still bound up in this stuff about the gods / fighting monsters etc.

    If this New 52 reboot is about anything (ie restoring chracters to their 'recoginsbake' selves) shouldn't this be about WW just fighting criminals with a golden lasso and her super powers?

    She's not Thor. She doesn't have to clunk this luggage around with her.
    The character would be better served if she went back to just being a super heroine who didn't need to represent some mythical archetype of 'empowerment' every five years. That's got old fast.

  22. Maybe I've got double standards, Jan, as I don't mind 'mythological creatures' getting hacked about by heroes. I just assume they can be zapped back together.

    I Iove your points about lasso v swords/axes etc, but was cheered by the appearance of the former, and its use, this issue. Given that we've jumped straight into the action, Diana's not had much of a chance to show any side beyond warrior woman - things seemed pretty urgent. With luck, as things calm down, Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang will have a chance to show more aspects of Diana.

    Thank you for the round-up, Rob, it's fascinating to hear how the books are being received.

    I also prefer Wonder Woman as superheroine rather than Miss Myth, And-Ru, but a bit of the latter is good from time to time. With luck, it won't all be the proverbial gods and monsters.

  23. Martin, maybe slicing off arms of Centaurs isn't that big of a deal.. but the fact that she's 100% comfortable with the sword in the first place and has a whole ARMORY in her Armour implies to me that she's NOT a Golden Lasso Wonder Woman.. she's a Greek Mythology Red Sonja or a Xena stuck in a Hercules the Legendary Journey plot.

    Tbh, I don't even think Wonder Woman should HAVE an armory filled with swords and battle axes readily available to her. Her first response should be to USE HER LASSO. Not "Where's my sword." That just ISN'T wonder Woman. It's not. Wonder Woman should ONLY use a sword as a last resort, yet that's the FIRST THING she grabs in this issue (I don't even think she gets DRESSED first).

    Let me put it this way.. if in Batman #1, Batman went to his case and twin bat-pistols, would you think that is very Batman? Or if in Superman #1, Superman got a Kryptonian blaster or a Kryptonian mace, would you think that's very Superman? Or even this, would you think it was appropriate that in the first issue of Hawkman, he went into his armory and pulled out a musket rifle? Would THAT be like Hawkman? I don't think so..

    But we've made Wonder Woman forgo her own magical weapon in exchange for a sword and that to me is not Wonder Woman.

  24. I can't argue with any of this - nice one, Jan. It would've been nice had she gone into battle with only the lariat (which could, of course, do with a fiery glow).

  25. right, because amazons don't use swords, only magical lassos of truth

  26. Jack, actually for a good portion of their history, the Amazons of Wonder Woman DID NOT use swords. Of course, you know all this because you're the expert on Amazons. Of course, Diana's Amazons are not like an advanced race of immortals or anything. They're just a race of barbaric women that cut off their left breasts to shoot bows better which is why Diana is missing one of her boobs.. oh wait.. she's NOT. Diana is suppose to come from a peaceful race, not a race filled with violent warriors. In fact, in every previous incarnation, the majority of the Amazons actually WEREN'T WARRIORS. They were pottery makers or scientists or mages or poets or writers or philosophers or well any number of things.

    But you're right.. Diana would NEVER use her Golden Lasso of Truth, her staple weapon since she was created in 1942, because that makes absolutely NO SENSE and completely violates the character. Instead, she SHOULD use a sword. After all, it's so essential to who the character is and who the Amazons are.

  27. Oh and Jake, it's not as if Kryptonians didn't use weapons of any sort when fighting crime, so why doesn't Superman? After all, it's his heritage so he MUST use a weapon of some sort to fight crime right?

  28. let me see... did diana used her magical lasso to decapitate deimos on the so acclaimed run of george pérez? did diana used her magical lasso to decapitate medusa on the so acclaimed run of greg rucka? and how about the queen hippolyta being wonder woman, and on her first appearance as ww, cutting off an arm of a person?
    please tell me, how diana could use the lasso on this ocasion? picking a sword and cutting off the arm of a MONSTER is much more quickly and efficient than lassoe the centaur and let him see the truth... oh wait, the truth of what? the centaur was a monster destinated to kill zola, there is no truth
    diana has always been a warrior, off course she is pacifier too, but I guess she already know how to fight centaurs-made-by-angry-gods
    and apart from that, yes, i really know a bit from amazons, because i read all the issues of volume 2 and 3
    every time and writer tries to create something new, fanboys everywhere start to say "this is not wonder woman"
    and this is why wonder woman has only fallen in popularity besides of her partners in "trinity"

  29. Ah yes.. and because Perez is the first and best person to write Wonder Woman right? Because he got it ALL RIGHT right? You do realize that Wonder Woman is older than George Perez's reboot of the character that honestly has lead to where we are today? The reason we are were we are today is because Perez STARTED making Diana more of a Warrior Woman than a Wonder Woman. But even then, Diana's FIRST response was never "Hey, let's chop of arms" or "let me get my sword". She's also when fighting "monsters" before, been FORCED to kill them because she had no other option. She didn't CHOP THEIR HEADS OFF while they're running away. But hey, the Centaur is running away, so it's OK to chop off his arm while he's fleeing because he is that dangerous when running away? So yes, her using her lasso on a FLEEING villain makes absolutely no sense. She's never done that before.. Nope never. And IF YOU'VE read all of Wonder Woman as you claim, then you'd ALSO know that the the Golden Lasso has more power than just to compel people to tell the truth. She can also force them to do things for her AND the fires of Hestia have burned various monsters in the past. So what's to automatically ASSUME that won't work this time?

    As for using her lasso on the centuar, well what would that have accomplished? Let's see.. she could have pulled the monster back towards her AND saved her charge (that was in the monster's hand) ALL AT THE SAME TIME. Instead of cutting off his arm and then saving her new charge.

    The absolute truth of WHY Wonder Woman is where she is IS BECAUSE of George Perez. His work was good, but it set up TOO MANY problems for various writers. Remember Perez started with mythology being Diana's major villains and she never really developed her rogue's gallery because of that. That left many writers scrambling for villains for her or making up a new villain of the week for her. Then the lack of her Secret Identity, left Diana feeling aloof and distant from everyone. It also lead Wonder Woman to think it was perfectly acceptable to decapitate people or cut off heads or anything else that has never been a part of Wonder Woman's history. So yes.. let's praise the greatness of Perez's run that has LEAD us to where we are today, not the FANS frustrated in the darker, more sadistic Wonder Woman who chops off arms and decapitates people because THAT is not Wonder Woman.

    You say that is how Wonder woman is, but the majority of PEOPLE DO NOT view Wonder Woman that way. The vast majority of people have ONLY been exposed to Wonder Woman from TV shows and let's face it, the most influential representation for the vast majority of people is the 70's TV show with Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman. IF DC was trying to get back to the CLASSIC icons as they've so loudly claimed, then they would go back to a Wonder Woman that is VASTLY more than this Xena rip off. This is SUPPOSE to be a jumping on point for new fans, but NEW FANS will not be able to reconcile this character with the Wonder Woman they've known for years in various other mediums.

  30. and even if it's not wonder woman, this is how she SHOULD be
    i'm tired of wonder-blablabla
    cutting off arms of monsters dont diminish the PERSON she is: brave, strong, but compassion with inoccents and protector of them

  31. i like the TV show even more than the comics
    and about the powers of the lasso... i'm not certain about it, because all these years the have modified the extension of the powers, sometimes i believe that the lasso can force people to do anything, sometimes not, because writers dont seem to agree on this
    if she had used the lasso, probably she would have been fighting with those centaurs for the rest of the week

  32. and as azzarello said, she is the same person, only the world around her is dark and evil
    he just need time to show this, but a simple monster arm cutted to save an innocent person seems to cause a huge alarm on fans
    and i insist in saying "monster", because it's what really is
    i can't imagine someone talking with werewolfs or anything like that to convince them not to kill
    as in fact, diana does not kill the centaur, and it is an important point

  33. i can guarantee you that a lot of new fans will be enjoying this because it has more gore
    it make her stories more strong
    i know people who dont like her because believe she is not too strong to do things like that, believe she is only a cowgirl with that lasso
    and i'm certain that these people could enjoy these stories where she fights like an amazon
    it's the new public

  34. First of all, the centaur was RUNNING AWAY. That doesn't make her a good warrior for chopping off it's arm and it still makes no sense that she wouldn't use her lasso b/c that's the perfect weapon for that situation, not a sword.

    Second, people HAVE reasoned with werewolves, vampires, and various other MONSTERS. It's in fact much more of an interesting story if the monsters are just villainous monsters, but rather.. complex and different. Heck, if you need an example.. look at Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E. They are all MONSTERS, I guess that'd make it OK for Diana to chop them to bits even if they were all once human. It can also be argued that Cheetah is a MONSTER like a werewolf, so why not maim and kill her? What's to stop Diana from doing THAT?

    I don't see Wonder Woman being even remotely compassionate in this. She nearly strangles her new charge the moment she appears. Then she DEMANDS that Zola gives her the key, which seems very aggressive and not compassionate at all to me. In fact, she threatens to take the key from Zola, which is not very caring at all. Then after chopping off the centaur's arm, she grabs Zola with her lasso and pulls her towards her even though she was not in danger. Where is the COMPASSION? This woman has been attacked by monsters, spirited away to some place, threatened numerous times, and nearly kidnapped and Wonder Woman? Just yanks her around and threatens her some more. Way to go Wonder Woman. Most compassionate woman EVER.

  35. compassion it's not exactly softness
    and about the monsters, well, none of the other monsters you said had tried to kill wonder woman or zola
    except cheetah, who is a WOMAN transformed SOMETIMES in MONSTER
    and off course, she is a important villain
    why batman don't kill joker or at least incapacitate him? you can say it's because batman don't do things like that, but the truth is that dc need joker to keep creating stories about batman, and it is like that with all the other villains
    but a centaur with no name created from dead horses by an angry godess doesn't matter at all, to be specific
    and more from greg rucka... blackest night wonder woman... she kills a lot of monsters with that axe, and people like it
    superheroes have lost their legit goodness a long time ago, because their comics are no longer for KIDS, but for teenagers and adults
    but kids can still enjoy, of course, but in cartoons and this stuff
    or even the comics destinated to kids
    the world has changed, and so have the comics

  36. First of all, I never said ANYTHING about kids. You are the first one to bring that up. however, heroes haven't LOST their innate goodness and there is STILL a desire for that. Otherwise, Spider-man wouldn't be one of the number one selling comic characters today. If people wanted violent heroes, Punisher would be the top selling comic character. If people WANTED more violent heroes, Batman would be running around with dual pistols, shooting Joker and killing him. In fact, people LIKE that Batman doesn't cross the line. It's part of his charm and the reason why he HASN'T DONE IT. People like heroes that are COMPLEX, yes, but this Wonder Woman isn't showing to be a very complex character.. She's just a stereotypical warrior. She's Xena. There's no other way to describe it. She's Xena the warrior princess and Zola is suppose to be Gabriel and we've seen that before. It's not that interesting and it can't sustain a long term idea like Wonder woman does. And btw, while comics may NOT be for kids in general, that doesn't mean people don't WANT more comics for kids. In fact, comics that are kid friendly tend to get RAVE reviews like the recent Captain Marvel for kids title or Tiny Titans which has won numerous awards.

    Second of all, if people LOVED Blackest Night Wonder Woman, then why weren't the sales there? If it was SUCH an amazing story, then why were people asking why Gail Simone wasn't given the opportunity to write it? So apparently while YOU loved it, not everyone did. And NOT EVERYONE loves their heroes murdering and slicing people up, if they DID then every hero WOULD DO IT. Not everyone likes GORE either, if they did then everything would be all about GORE and we'd have no heroes like Superman or Spider-man, who are vastly more lighthearted heroes and last time I checked, Spider-Man's sales weren't down because he wasn't gorey enough.

    Btw, a WEREWOLF is SOMETIMES a human and SOMETIMES a wolf and you used that as an example. And the Centaurs were innocent horses SLAUGHTERED by Hera to become centaurs. I think Diana could maybe show them some COMPASSION. Of course, she CAN'T because she's NOT compassionate. She doesn't even care about Zola.

    You project what YOU want in a story and expect that to be true for all people. It is not. If it was, then everything would be the same. It's not.

  37. Phew, I'm enjoying the back and forth, chaps. One thing, though, Jan, I reckon it's a bit soon to peg Zola as a Gabrielle substitute ... she's younger and blonde, but her story could go anywhere - she may not even be around after this opener.

    PS, could we pack in the UPPER CASE? It's rather shouty/angry-looking - you're getting your points across just fine. Thanks.

  38. i never said everyone likes gore or dark superheroes
    i said that a lot of people will like, as i do, and i believe that there is more people who will like than than dislike

  39. and of course i picked up a bad example using werewolfs
    but the centaurs? they were made by dead horses
    i mean, these horses won't revive
    the centaurs were entirely monsters, and instead of talking with them, wonder woman fights them
    but it doesn't make her a xena one
    by the way, it's xena who is inspired in wonder woman

  40. This discussion is getting out of hand; its only the first issue. I thought we were going to give the new-look WW a chance. This bickering reminds me of those over-argumentative morons and bigots that have infested the CBR Wonder Woman forum and driven so many away from there. We can all 'have a go' [me more than most] but lets have constructive criticism, please...at least until we have a clearer idea where Azzarello is taking us with the book.

  41. i agree with that
    sorry if i passed off the limits heh


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